Knowledge Café – Knowledge sharing

I have long admired David Gurteen   in my opinion, a guru of Knowledge Management (KM) and as I have been wanting to do some KM updating, I was delighted to see that he was running a webinar on the comparatively new KM technique ‘Knowledge Cafés’.
The course was run by the Ark Group and quite expensive for a  1 ½ hour webinar, but post-webinar I consider it to be worth the money.
Basically the method involves discussion (NOT debate!) and collective solving of a given problem.  Although it works best with a group of 20 to 30 people, David has run Cafés for much bigger groups.  People sit in groups of 4 at a round table, discuss the given problem, and then some of the group change places – very similar to some networking games. No leaders, no ‘official’ note taking, but according to David, it is most effective.  David has a very clear method of presenting his theories and he covered questions very fully at the end of the session.
I am really looking forward to a chance to trying it! And I have signed up to follow David’s Tweets, they look very good and to the point.