Blogging and Linked-In – Professional skills update

I took part in a most enjoyable and useful day’s course held by Abelone Glahn recently.  We covered  a great deal about blogging – software, how-to, how to make use of blogs including  as a method of updating one’s homepages which otherwise tend to be more static.

The course also covered various aspects of the free Google services – Google Reader, Alerts, g-mail etc.

What I found particularly interesting was how to follow the statistical aspects of a homepage by using Google Analytics which incorporates a tracker (site and/or pages). I have just had my site re-designed and generally updated so I’m checking regularly – readers of this blog, please have a look at my homepages so I can make use of my new-found source of statistics!

Abelone also covered the various methods of getting one’s blog found by search engines etc – some really useful tips.

The session on using Linked In resulted in quite a few excited course participants and gave me some new facts.

Altogether a really useful course – highly recommended!