Compiling a Questionnaire

I recently had to compile a questionnaire and think the information used could be of use to other Mikronetters.  The net is a good source of helpful advice on the topic; this is a combination of tips found there, and my own practical experience.
It is important to think ahead and plan through to the interpretation stage before actually constructing your questionnaire. The sequence of questions should be logical moving from the general to the more specific.
A good questionnaire should create a feeling of importance in the respondent, a feeling that the research is relevant, and that cooperation is vital. For in-depth information follow this link
Questionnaires generally comprise a combination of open and closed questions or multiple choice, providing balance between depth and authenticity of information, and fixed-option data which are more easily quantifiable.
Questions and prepared responses to choose from should be neutral as to intended outcome. A biased question or questionnaire encourages respondents to answer one way rather than another.
The order or “natural” grouping of questions is often relevant. Prior previous questions may bias later questions.
The wording should be kept simple: no technical or specialised words.
Aim at short, clear and direct questions.
The final version has been tested by a pilot – and despite all the care taken, at least one set of questions will have to be re-formulated.
To quote from the link above:
“While Questionnaire surveys may be the most popular form of social science research, they are also difficult to do well.  There are many factors to consider in designing and conducting a successful questionnaire survey.”