Frustrations of being independent

We Mikronetters talk about being independent, in control of our daily timetables, able to decide for ourselves just what needs doing, and when.

I am about to leave for a quick visit to the U.K. and have of course arranged for cover of my daily jobs – competitor surveillance, business alerts etc. This all takes time and energy, but is part of acting in a professional and responsible manner towards my customers.

So why can’t others do the same? One of the frustrations of being independent is the cancellations of meetings, appointments at the last minute.

I know no-one can plan ahead for sudden illness, but pressure of work? Surely that can be arranged to fit in with existing engagements?

Susanne has mentioned the pleasure of being one’s own boss and able to arrange free time to suit. I had spent the week-end preparing for the cancelled meetings, so everything would be sorted out ready to go on my return. It is not wasted time, but it does mean that these meetings will have to fitted into a crowded calendar on my return.

Enough moaning! It is still a pleasure to be independent!