Guilty until proven otherwise – Skat (Taxation) & home office

I rarely get angry about things I cannot do anything about, but I am seething at the injustice inflicted on us Mikros here in Denmark.

To take just one point – internet and telephone. I estimate that 95% of my work is done by means of these. But because I have an office at my home address, according to my accountant, I cannot deduct these as legitimate business expenses. It is iniquitous, and I think reflects very badly on a nation whose stated aim is to promote SMEs.  So much for a democratic society – the way the tax department rides roughshod over Mikros – working from home, not commuting to an office and thus contributing to a cleaner environment –  and being punished for it is, in my opinion, unfair. For a struggling mikro it could constitute the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

I would really appreciate our  politicians doing something to sort out this nonsensical ruling.

One of the few good things about Skat (ironically, Danish for both taxation and treasure) is that their homepage is beautifully clear and easy to navigate.

Have any readers come across any other ridiculous examples of being taxed unjustly on a genuine business tool?