Health Conference – report

I attended the Health Conference held at Ringsted last Wednesday. It was advertised as a trans-discipline network for exchange of experience and skills aimed at workers, manufacturers, service providers and processes within health and medicine.

A copy of our Mikronet, targeted at a different group of people.

It was a well-planned and organised event, with some very good speakers. I particularly liked the  results of the investigation into the most recent trends within the public/private collaboration focusing of the medical/health sectors.

Ernest Holm Svendsen got the whole room involved in games and interaction – just what was needed after lunch.

Claus Meyer gave his usual lively and amusing presentation despite having left his notes behind.

The organisers plan to hold four additional workshops, thee of which I hope to attend. The organisers promised to upload the various inputs on their homepage  but I have not been able to find them as yet, which is a little disappointiing.