Improving working conditions for free agents / micros

I found the information in Susanne’s  blog entry really interesting – all our efforts to place focus on Lolland Falster as an ideal place for independents/free agents/micros to set up their small businesses – together with other sterling efforts such as that of Erhvervsråd LF  – are showing positive results.

By coincidence, on the same day that I read Susanne’s entry, I came across a report by Annabel Colley* of a relevant initiative set up by some libraries in England – they provide free wireless access to the internet and thus a place where freelancers can work if their home broadband connection is out of order.

Annabel writes:
“it would be great if the library could provide other small business services for the growing band of freelancers who work in my local area. Perhaps a dedicated area for small business users, a coffee shop or a business lounge facility, where one could comfortably make business calls without disturbing others. There could be fact sheets and start-up advice…”

I think this is an excellent idea, particularly as I live on West Lolland where there is a definite need for something like that – not quite a fixed ‘office sharing’ arrangement, but somewhere where we small business owners could meet, exchange ideas and be able to work away from home. I think that many working from home, who decide to stop working, are fundamentally too isolated – they need work-place social interaction. Networks are essential, and meeting face to face is a great stimulator of ideas and creativity.

Providing a freely available space for free-lancers to work on an ad-hoc basis will, I feel sure, improve survival and success rates even more, ensuring that LF becomes known as a model place to set up businesses.

So how about it Lolland Falster Kommunes?

* Update 6(4) April 2007, page 10.