Mikronet – in English


The network for Freelancers and Micro businesses

Mikronet is a network for:
• Free lancers
• Free Agents
• Independent and
• Micro-businesses
Network for micropreneurs
The network was established in 2005 and has its origins in Region Sjælland (Zealand Region), and has gradually spread country-wide.

The aim of the network is to strengthen and increase independent knowledge- based enterprises through effective exchange of knowledge and experience by means of a business network.

Mikronet is run on a volunteer basis and all activities are a result of the member’s own requirements and efforts.

Find other micro-businesses – and be found in return
Joining Mikronet’s searchable database which gives overview of micro businesses is free. Joining gives you the possibility of becoming visible with a description of your business, just as the overview enables you to locate those in your own field who – although competitors – could become colleagues (coopetitioners) – and working partners.

Follow events on the blog

To follow, describe and share knowledge of and about micro businesses Mikronet has launched a web-log which is authored by a handful of Mikronetters. The blog assists in strengthening the sense of identity of the group and provides the opportunity for external readers to add their comments and experiences.

Some of the entries are written in English as Mikronet has noted an increasing interest in exchanging experiences on a more international level. The bloggers represent differing types of freelancers/micros. Some have many years experience behind them, others are novices. The blog is occasionally opened for guest bloggers.

A report on the initial 3-day ‘founding’ conference  can be found on the KnowledgeBoard website.

Share knowledge and experience by means of the Post Group.

Mikronet also has a well developed online-post group where members exchange knowledge and experience.

It is free to participate; the only condition is that you are a micro business / freelancer / independent.
Participants at the founding Mikronet Conference in 2005 have in addition formed a series of sub-groups which are open for membership on application. All the groups are listed on www.groupcare.dk and begin with ‘Mikronet’. Activities within these groups are totally dependent of how much YOU are able to contribute.

Receive a newsletter
Mikronet issues a newsletter which is mailed not only to micro businesses and freelancers, but also to those who are interested in keeping in touch with events in the micro business field without themselves running a business.
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Fell free to join, and please tell us about similar network for micropreneurs around the world!