Translational medicine and KM

When I received information about a workshop covering Knowledge Management and Translational medicine, “Effective knowledge management is at the heart of the healthcare discovery and development process and its effective delivery”  realised just much I have slipped behind in my general reading these last few years of working from home.

Translational medicine has somehow passed me by and yet it makes perfect sense.

So for those of Mikronet’s blog readers who are interested, here is the Wikipedia definition: Translational medicine is a branch of medical research that attempts to more directly connect basic research to patient care. Translational medicine is growing in importance in the healthcare industry, and is a term whose precise definition is in flux. In the case of drug discovery and development, translational medicine typically refers to the “translation” of basic research into real therapies for real patients. The emphasis is on the linkage between the laboratory and the patient’s bedside, without a real disconnect. This is often called the “bench to bedside” definition.

Like others in my position of working from home I have slipped into the trap of not keeping abreast with emerging trends….