You’re good! – and very tired

I have just returned form a trip to Columbus (Ohio) where I and the other STN training agents attended a global 2 day training and refresher course. It really does give a boost to be able to talk shop, discuss common problems, exchange tricks and tips of database searching with such an international crowd who are not only colleagues, but also friends.

Although we had a very intense programme, we had a chance to spend an hour shopping at the Mall in the evening before meeting for a meal.

I dislike shopping – except for book stores – so was pleased to come across a most impressive one of the kind – Noble and Barnes. I was tempted into spending more than I should have. Definitely worth a visit if you go to the States.

I also added to my vocabulary – ‘awesome’ appears to be a favoured adjective, useful for just about anything and “I’m good” seems to be the right response when meeting. I was told “You’re good” at the airport – not a comment on my morals, just that I was cleared to board the plane.

The course was terrific, but returning was a nightmare – cancelled flights due to severe storms, surly airport staff and lost luggage meant that the trip home, which should have been straight forward, actually took 48 hours from leaving the hotel to arriving home.

So, on reflection was it worth travelling so far just for training? Yes, I am full of new ideas, new concepts that I am looking forward to trying. And the enforced idleness must have triggered my subconscious, I realised that I had omitted an important part of a methodology for a project I have been working on…