50 Best Sites To Get Design Inspiration

Came across this highly resourceful web-site …

50 Best Sites To Get Design Inspiration, web-link

50 Best Sites To Get Design Inspiration, web-link



– and, it´s even so good that I consider it be worthwhile sharing in this forum also.

lots of serious resources, lots of inspiration – tons of state-of-the-art designs,

check for yourself at :




Dann Sommer


ps: Often when I´m in contact with people in various contexts, I recommend the use of virtual networks and social communities for professional purposes.

And, just as often, I get the question back ´what good is it for … ??´

This posting represents an example of an answer …

Getting access to this resource is an example of one of the benefits from joining virtual networks for professional purposes. This link was found when browsing my ´linkedin news´ with updates from a professional group focused on ´Visual Communication, Design & Layout´