C.V. versus blog – or combined?

I  read Ryon Harms’s item “Your Resume is Dead. Long Live Your Blog!” (2009 May 26)  on blogs and cvs with great interest. 
Briefly he considers that finding a new job by submitting the usual 2 page cv is a waste of time, as potential employers will be inundated with look-alike cvs which does not really communicate what you have to offer.

So, he suggests that you start a blog which will enable potential employers to judge what your skills really are, particularly as blogs are records of the present  – not the past. To quote

“You’ll see few tools are more effective than blogs at building communities and communicating with your network.”

He suggests 3 ways of networking with the new blog (cut drectly from his article):-
1. Rather than send the, “Is the position still available?” email, instead send potential employers an interesting blog post relevant to their industry
2. Rather than send another “I’m looking for work” email to your network, instead send a topical blog post that sparks conversations and keeps you top of mind
3. Rather than limiting yourself to personal contacts, instead build a thriving audience that spreads your message and attracts unexected opportunities
His entry sparked a great many interesting comments, have a look at http://thesocialexec.com/
It’s well worth reading.