The value of blogs and Twitter as marketing tools

I have been active as a Mikronet blogger since the blog was first started, and have enjoyed the comments – although these are rare, they are generally a boost to the day – but I’ve decided to take a break, at least until the autumn.
I have just read a good piece about the benefits of blogging: Blogging: It’s More than a Brand (Jessica Miller-Merrell • March 24, 2010 ) who covers networking, media access, getting your company known etc – have a look. She sets out some very good reasons why blogging is of commercial value as well as being of value to colleagues as a tool for dissemination of information.

Incidentially, I found her article through a Tweet: What Your Twitter Stream Tells Us About You  which is also well worth having a look at.

The remarkable thing to me is that these two interesting items have only just been posted and yet have already gained readers and comments.

So, if you are not already blogging and would like to have a go, how about continuing the English language entries while I’m on a break? It is fun, you and your company gain visibility and you get to meet some interesting people.
It is a pity that Mette Juul’s (our new blogger) blogs are in Danish, as our non-Danish readers are missing some very good and relevant stuff about handling the delicate aspect of money – how to price yourself, how to charge for work done, really relevant for us Mikronetters. We need more of this really relevant stuff!

Back in the autumn!