“Think Small First” – survival of micros

I was on holiday while the international SME week took place, but checking on the various incentives held in Denmark, it was obvious that big cities such as Copenhagen appeared to be the only ones who participated, and once again (judging from the information on the net) the focus was on Start-ups.

What most of us Micros need is information and help to keep going during this financial crisis. We have been through the exciting (and in some cases worrying) process of taking the step to become independent.

Now the majority of micros here on Lolland-Falster are well-established, and could use help to develop, to make the words of the EU Commission “Think Small First” actual.

To quote from the EU Commission again

This Commission together with the Member States has worked hard to improve the conditions for small companies. If there is a way out of the economic downturn, it is the SMEs’ creativity, flexibility and capacity to find solutions. Together we have already achieved improvements. But we must go further. We need more SMEs as they are the true drivers of growth

The topic of growth for micros has been touched on quite a few times in this blog, but nothing much seems to be happening. If you know of any incentives – please share them with us.
It is time to move focus  just from establishing more micros and SMEs, to include focus on how to support already established businesses to improve their chances of increased growth once the financial crisis turns.

Now is the time to do something about it. We could spend the time on establishing good quality systems in our businesses – being able to document good practice will save time and energy as well as presenting a positive image to our clients.