Mikronet and Business Lolland-Falster

An exciting development was announced at the recent general meeting of Business Council for Lolland Falster, when Stig Vestergaard, Mayor of Lolland Kommune and John Brædder, Mayor of Guldborgsund Kommune, announced that a new collaboration between the 2 municipalities and businesses on LF is expected to be launched  1st January 2011. They suggested that all the various organisations who work to promote the islands unite with local businesses in a new effective development organisation ’Business Lolland-Falster’, “so we ensure that we all work toward the same goal and that we exploit resources in the best possible manner. Realisation of this suggestion will mean that we, in future, will have a common entry to promotion of business and tourism on Lolland-Falster.”

The list of organisations and firms involved was impressive, but we, the small businesses of LF who are an integral part of business on the islands (and the rest of Denmark) were not mentioned. So I wrote a letter on behalf of Mikronet to both Stig and John, pointing out that Mikronet represents more than 500 micro businesses and about half of these are located on LF.

Microenterprises represent a huge potential for LF, particularly in connection with the Fehmarn Belt project and other major projects, but are also an incentive to show other micros that LF is an attractive place to live and work. And that we contribute positively to the development of the area.

Imagine my delight when Mikronet received an invitation to join ‘Business Lolland-Falster’. I’ll be attending the inaugural cafe meeting as Mikronet’s representative. An open discussion of visions, ideas, projects etc. will take place.

So if you have any burning visions, ideas etc. that you would like have mentioned at the meeting please let me know. If I am not able to present them on the 17th, we will definitely do so at subsequent information and discussion meetings.