A new venture: Starting a business – step by step

The coming Fehmern Belt link which will connect Denmark and Germany is a huge enterprise, and as such, multicultural, with international companies tendering for the various segments. The agreed project ‘language’ is English. A good grasp of technical and business English is going to be important for local businesses who will be participating in the project – as partners, sub-contractors, tourist attractions etc.

I was approached by Erhvervsråd Lolland Falser about teaching business and technical English, probably because I have a solid background of technical English and many years spent working in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. My partnership with Ursula Behrle (www.tyskkursus-danskkursus.dk) who is an accomplished teacher of both German and Danish, means that together we can offer a truly comprehensive set of language courses and translation services.

I’ll be blogging about the new venture, covering each step. Although I already have been through the process of starting a business once with ‘Helen Martin’ which was established 9 years ago, I have learned a great deal since – mostly what, with hindsight, I ought to have done, and this time I’ll try to incorporate this.