Blogging and openness

I ave just been reading  the latest from my favourite network FreePint. One of the main articles cover corporate blogging and I think it may be of interest to Mikronetters even though Nick Reynolds* describes work in the large BBC corporation. It certainly struck a chord with me as blogger and Knowledge Management worker.

I cut a couple of quotes – but read the whole article, it is full of good advice!

“Sometimes people get twitchy about information which is already in the public domain. ‘We don’t want to draw attention it’ they’ll say. To which the obvious answer is ‘so why did we make it public in the first place?’. Gently remind them that once it’s on the Internet, it’s on the Internet and therefore public forever. Someone will find it if they really want to and ignoring it won’t make it go away. ”
“So to be more open, you need the diplomatic skills of a civil servant, the killer instinct of a spin doctor, the editorial integrity of a crusading journalist, the honesty of a priest and the commitment to openness of  well… a blogger.”


*Corporate Blogging: How To Be Open
Nick Reynolds