Case studies – and ethics

I am in the process of having my homepages re-designed (by Mette Juul, a Mikronetter) and am really looking forward to the final result.

So far we have had a meeting where Mette questioned me about what Helen Martin actually does.

It was surprising how these questions made me focus on the precise business core. And even better, made me realise that the business has evolved in a somewhat different direction than when it started seven years ago. So a great deal of the information given on the present site is no longer required…

The question of ethics arose when Mette suggested that a couple of case stories would illustrate just how I have assisted clients. Most of the major projects I have been involved with in Denmark have been as a subcontractor, in other words, they were not my own clients. It would be nice to list some of these really major names and give examples of the work done, but …!

The other problem is that I always guarantee complete confidentiality, so I cannot write about some of the interesting projects handled for Helen Martin clients. We shall have to think of something else.

But what do others think of the niceties of this problem?