Focus -Mikronet’s newspaper advertising cum information insert

We Mikronetters represent an amazing source of business knowledge and value ….  This is unfortunately not always recognised by  the bigger organisations and municipal offices in the Region.

Our local paper (as a result of an initiative started by Abelone Glahn) is publishing a special section covering us Mikronetters – placing focus on who we are, where we can be found and what we have to offer.
The adverts obviously have to be precise and brief. I have found it incredibly difficult to find the balance between cost and information. It’s a mini-version of the elevator pitch – how to catch someone’s attention and hopefully retain their interest so they’ll remember me when they have a need of my services. Talking of elevator pitch, I found a  good blog link by Ryon Harms to an article  explaining what to cover and what to leave out of this brief selling talk. Check it out, it’s worth reading.

Back to the advertisement – I  have decided to focus on the translation side of my business. There seems to be more demand for that service locally. And I’ll work on an advert for business intelligence – in my opinion, more difficult than the elevator pitch.