As long ago as  April* this year Phil Bradley  pointed out the increasing impact and importance of twitter.

“Early in February Twitter became one of the 100 most visited websites in the UK, …and thousands are registering every day” . 

Phil goes on to point out that “it’s a superb resource for librarians to communicate, promote, share & assist colleagues and users alike. Quick, simple & effective”.

He emphasises that rambling-on is for blogs – twitter requires users to be clear and precise.   To quote again” Twitter is a useful business tool: it’s a quick and easy way to keep people up to date about what your company.. is doing. …If your company uses newsletters, press releases, web page announcements and so on, it should also be using tweets.”
I have not tweeted yet – it would be interesting to find out how many Mikronetters use tweets as a means of advertising  and keeping their clients informed or any new services etc.

PS I’m working on my quality homepage
*Library&Information Update, April 2009 p. 34-37.