Innovation Check – report

I attended an ‘Innovation Check’ meeting with Per F. Gøse  on the 8th December and found it most useful.

We discussed the present state of my business, the profile of which has changed considerably over the last year, and various new initiatives that are planned or just initiated, and I received some useful advice. Most somewhat general, as I didn’t have all that much concrete material to work through.
He also gave some comments on my home pages which may be useful to other Mikros:
The site should begin with “What’s in it for me?” The equivalent of my ‘elevator speech’.  Once I have sold the many benefits of using my firm, list my competences and preferably some testimonials from satisfied clients.
I have opted to give a price for my translation service, but he suggested that this may be counter-productive, much better to leave it open and negotiate the price according the project.
Marketing –  one method would be to use recommendations from satisfied clients and send to potential clients with the comment that I’ll ring on  such and such a date…. and  then make sure to follow up on it.

It seems to make sense.  Per also promised to send a report of the meeting and offered some additional help for one of the potential projects I am working on, so all in all, it was a few hours well spent.