Homepages and content

I have recently had two contacts as a result of my homepage. One resulted in some proof-reading work which came to an abrupt end when the client discovered that, due to faulty construction of the Danish version of the site, I am NOT an university-educated translator and proof-reader. (Even though my secondary education, University degrees and PhD thesis were done at English educational establishments).  The client needed a certificate or other evidence that I know what I am doing. I am really upset that:-1. I had inadvertently misled a client who was working on really interesting material, and

2. That I have lost a valued client.

The other approach was from someone working with Regulatory matters and may turn out to become a sound collaboration venture. They had read the English version….

The point I am trying to make is that the text on home-pages is really important – double check every word, and if you have a section written in German or English – get it checked by an expert in that language.

The other point that was brought home to me is – as everyone is always telling me – that the contents should be regularly updated. If I had done that, now that my Danish is so much improved, I would have read what the text said, rather than what I thought it said – and corrected it long since.

So – I will be giving my site a major overhaul!