Con tricks and scams – Dansk Internet Register

I am one of the ‘lucky’ firms who received an official-looking order agreeing to register my firm on the Danish Internet Register. It’s written in fluent Danish although the sender is German. 

Just fill in a few extra  facts, select some search terms and sign! For this privilege I only have to pay €958 per year. This is written in very small print, well hidden in the text. Moreover, the contact is binding for 3 years!

I was about to contact  ErhvervsBladet to let them know about this, when they published a warning – other firms have received a similar offer.

What I cannot understand is why they pick my firm?  How do they select their targets? Is there a list of gullible individuals available for these scams? (I was caught by a scam a few years ago when still very ignorant about Danish rules and regulations – the firm involved ended up in court, mainly due to the sterling efforts of ErhvervsBladet and Håndværksrådet.)

Anyhow, be aware, these con men seem to be particularly adept at targeting  small start-ups.