Crystal gazing for 2007

I have just read today’s issue of ErhvervsBladet and came across an article about astrology predictions being used as a base for business. I personally do not believe that the great universe is concerned about me or my firm, but thought it would be fun to have a look at what is forecast. So – a mini-investigation using Google. I’ll try to remember to report next year if any of this actually happens.

For ‘date of birth’ I entered the date my firm was started.


This year will give you:

Additional personal charm

New friends who would be helpful in future

Less stess and strain

A new abode or apartment

Benefit from real estate

Improved life style, patience and planning



Being totally ignorant of this form of prediction, I chose to let the computer toss the coins – the unspoken wish had to do with growth in 2007.

A rising flame under the open sky

A persevering and enlightened mind

Success, even the great ocean can be crossed


It turns out that my firm was founded in the sign of Cancer. The planets are very vague and at times directly contradictory, depending on which (gratis) astrologer I consulted. The positive aspects seem to be cancelled out by the negative – no real conclusions could be drawn. But just in case anyone is interested:-

“Materially, you are likely to do well in 2007. New projects at work are apt to be rewarded with great financial gain…” (I just focused on a prediction that I like and decided to disregard the rest.)

On which optimistic note I’ll end with wishing all a happy Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous 2007.