Retirement and astrology

“At the end of the month that you reach 65 years, the right to obtain services from ASE expires”.

A somewhat abrupt beginning to the New Year. The government is urging people of retirement age to stay on the job market for a bit longer, but it seems as though the various unemployment unions do not support this notion. …

I don’t feel any older, so I’ll continue working as long as I still enjoy running my own business. An idle thought – am I the oldest of us Mikronetters? Have any other readers thought about retirement – and if so, would you care to share your ideas and thoughts?

I blogged (22.12.2006) about astrology and promised to report on how the predictions for my firm during 2007 came true.

Regrettably, I have to conclude that the past year has been un-influenced by the various heavenly bodies. I have had an average year, some super projects and some where the work expended far exceeded the returns (I am still  too optimistic about the number of hours in an average working day!). Those events that coincided with the predictions are statistically due to chance. But it was quite good fun to actually run the test!