Decisions and reflections

This year has been marked by deaths – family and friends – and has made me think deeply about life – in general and specifically. Although my business is showing a healthy upturn and I still enjoy doing knowledge management and translation, I realise that I have been spending too much time just waiting for customers to phone or e-mail.  I dislike touting for new business and have stopped pro-active marketing of my firm. A small sign that the enthusiasm is declining I suppose.
Then I (like most businesses)  had a letter from the Council informing me that as a business I am liable to pay extra for the privilege of disposing of my business waste. I have none – ink cartridges are recycled. I have applied for exception (waiting to hear if it is accepted), but the annoyance of having to deal with such an outright extra tax demand was another contributing factor.
The news that the Fermen Belt connection is to be postponed by a further 2 years helped to make my decision clear. LF-Sprog will not be needed for several years  – and life is to be lived.
So I plan to close the business as from the New Year. It’ll be a change after 10 years of running an independent business, but I am looking forward to time with my husband, with time to sit and draw and paint and generally enjoy our beautiful country side and nature.
I realise that that there will be quite a lot of things to tidy up – and as other Mikronetters may benefit from my experience I’ll record the process in the blog.