Global entrepreneur week and business plans

The massive media interest in Entrepreneur week has meant that focus has been on a great deal of useful (and otherwise!) information.

One of the many useful sources of information is the Danish entrepreneur Martin Thorborg’s web site where he plans to publish business plans written by actual companies.

To date he has 16 examples on the site. I have looked at a couple and been impressed by the detail covered by these plans – some of them are very long.

It is a real pity that this excellent web site is in Danish only although it is possible to use a translation tool to read it.

He is appealing for more examples and has also provided a template for business plans.

As my firm has changed focus since it was established in 2001, it may be a good exercise to re-write my business plan, to concentrate on what I actually want to happen with my firm.

But mine will be on a much smaller scale, many fewer pages. And it will not be the kind that should be published as a useful example on Thorborg’s site…