Micros: success criteria

The results of Per Darmer’s research into micros was covered by Anne (see entry  16th Dec), but as we have some non-Danish readers I think the results are sufficiently interesting to bear repeating.

The research was mostly based on Lolland-Falster, but the results are  probably applicable to all areas.

He found that the general idea that success=growth/profit is not really applicable to us, as we perceive success in a different light. Success criteria are, of course, dynamic according to one’s present situation and will therefore change with time.

To summarise: Micros define success as: staying alive and well;  having freedom of choice; a fine work/life balance;  good networks; providing quality work – defined by both professional and customer satisfaction, and attainment of own goals – the latter change as the business moves on.

He also found very little emphasis on money as success criteria.

Other findings were a general dissatisfaction that the local municipalities and local big businesses do not use the vast resource that we micros represent.

He suggested that as micros are the most prolific type of business here, we should aim to make the bigger organisations  consider ‘the micro solution with a macro perspective’ that is that a network of local micros are perfectly able to tackle bigger projects.

Now all we need is a method to achieve this….