Very many highly educated people have moved to LF in search of a less hectic lifestyle. Many of my clients, are from the Copenhagen area because it is proving very difficult to become accepted as a creditable professional with relevant skills here on LF.

This entry is an attempt at presenting a comprehensive argument for using local expertise. It is hoped that the ideas presented here will form the basis for further discussion/development.

The idea is very simple: we form a consortium – a cluster – of local independent micros who agree to work within a ‘Guarantee of good practice’ or whatever we elect to call it. In short, we carry out quality assessment, both on our own work and on the work of the consortium members. Having established just how this should be done, and formulated a suitable way of presenting this highly select professional network of qualified people, we target each of the local businesses such as Vestas, Danisco Sugar etc. Some of these are members of Erhvervsråd Lolland Falster and could probably be used as test organisations.

The composition of the consortium would vary according to the organisation targeted so as to reflect their potential needs.

So – how do we make sure we can show our potential clients that we are skilled and as effective as any they may contact from the Copenhagen area?


Set out the benefits –

Local, therefore easy to contact, physical meetings can be arranged at short notice.

Small community therefore word of mouth is particularly important and we obviously care about our good reputation and take care to be professional

The consortium will be self regulating (see above)


Documentation and evidence needed – these are suggestions only

1.      Evaluation

Request evaluation for each completed task, complete with feedback on contractor’s own evaluation of how the project progressed. Make this available to all members of the consortium for mutual feed-back on how to tackle any problems in the future. Could be placed on a common platform with access restricted to members only.


2.      Confidentiality. Where the need for confidentially arises, have a non Disclosure Agreement. The consortium could prepare a document to be available to all members; it may help to heighten the awareness of confidentiality.


3.      Professionalism. Each member must document that they are qualified to tackle the tasks they agree to do. This could be in the form of examination certificates, references from clients etc.


4.      Timeliness. Each member would have to be sufficiently careful about the delivery times promised. Many firms on LF (here I am going on personal experience with tradesmen etc) do not deliver on the date promised, and from statements at various meetings, the bigger local firms are worried that this unfortunate lackadaisical trend includes the micros. Maybe the solution is to always set up a reporting system – progress reports to ensure that no surprises arise from either the contractor of the supplier?


5.      Quality Assured. This is difficult, but should be possible by means of points noted in  1. above.


6.      We will strive to be at the forefront of our profession by continually updating our skills, (Annual updating, training.