Mikronet and hypnosis

 Mikronet and hypnosis do not appear to have any connection – but at our  Mikronet November Conference I won a hypnosis session  generously donated to the raffle by Mikronet member Marianne Christensen, and this week we met up for my session.

Marianne had asked me to make notes of my thoughts during the preceding fortnight – just generally.  I think this was to identify major areas of concern – and actually helped me to spot a pattern that I was unaware of.
I have never considered hypnosis as something of relevance to me, but decided it would be interesting to try and I was pleasantly surprised.

We began by having a chat where Marianne used her coaching skills to help me vocalise my goals and rationalise why these sometimes (very often) are not achieved. 

After the preliminary, explorative talk I lay on the couch and was induced into a light trance. I was totally relaxed and in fact Marianne said she thought I had dropped off to sleep and yet I seem to recall everything she said. The total relaxation was like floating in a warm ocean – lovely!

And I came out of the trance with a warm tingling in fingers and toes, full of energy.

Marianne explained that what had taken place was a combination of coaching and light hypnosis. She identified a reason for my problem, like everything else, once it was explained it seems fairly simple to take steps to make improvements. I had not found the connection she helped me to identify – and I think she hit the target! (Briefly – too much of the puritan “duty before pleasure”).

I feel ready to tackle some changes in my daily life and look forward to actually achieving some of the things that are presently put off on the pretext of having too much to do.

Following the session Marianne mailed two additional pieces of information to me- which was an excellent back-up and example of good practice.

It will be interesting to see if the effect + the effect of re-enforcing self-hypnosis lasts, and I’ll blog about this next month.