Deadlines vs. goalsetting

I went to a really good lecture yesterday – a talk given by Mark Anthony.  The arrangement was hosted by Erhvervsråd Lolland-Falster. Their meetings are becoming increasingly interesting and well worth attending – this time was no exception.

Very briefly, Mark Anthony’s message is that we all know what needs to be altered to enable us to live the sort of life we want.  One of his main messages is to drop deadlines! They always manage to depress and stress you – set goals instead. And try to beat your own goals, you’ll feel good all day. Motivation is partly the desire to celebrate reaching your goals.

He kept us entertained for 1½ hours, with lively audience participation, and a lot of laughter.

Definitely recommended  – if you get a chance, go to one of his talks.

Have a look at for more details of his talk.