Blogging and knowledge sharing

The year is drawing near, and we think it would be not only interesting, but also make a good ending to the year’s Mikronet blog, to have a series of descriptions of how we Micros handle our typical working day. Of course, being a micro generally means that no day is typical, but I think it would be interesting to see what we have in common, and also what makes our particular business unique.

It will give us insight into each other’s work, and we can probably learn something from the way others cope with their daily tasks – a very broad form of knowledge sharing.

For example: ’A typical working day as a – journalist, beautician, conflict handler, designer, musician, coach, politician etc.

We are a very varied and professional lot of people, and I think that it is time we spread our message – we are here to help bigger and smaller organisations do some of their work in a cost-effective, professional and timely manner.

Please contact me for a password to the blog and a few general instructions as to format – it’s your chance to let others share your life; hopefully generate more interest in your business and increase the possibility of finding “kon-kollegas” within the network. We know this blog is read by many ‘non-Mikronetters’.

I’ll start the process with a description of my working day this coming week.