On-line visibility – ” Your virtual handshake”

I attended a really useful course this week – Abelone Glahn held a course based on her book “Dit virtuelle håndtryk” (Your virtual handshake”) reviewed on this blog by Lise Damkær.

One of the particularly good points (apart from the course itself) was the way that the 20 participants become involved, how the whole group interacted to mutual benefit. The time flew by, and although the course was intensive, everybody was surprised to find that the day had gone.

Before attending the course, each participant was asked to run a search on their own name, and the terms they expect  their customers (actual and potential) to use in order to find them.

Come to think of it – this will provide an useful  comparison with how visible we are after we implement the things we have learned!

We were then given comprehensible ideas on how to increase our visibility on the Internet – e-mails and homepages, web-logs, business net-works and participation in online groups. The course was focused on giving the participants a better understanding of how to use the Internet to increase their visibility on-line and, in short, how to use the web as an indirect, but powerful sales tool through presenting a professional image of oneself and one’s business.

Apart from meeting some interesting people, learning a great deal of relevant and useful things, the course included truly delicious food. I can only recommend attending any future courses run by Abelone.

And a very pleasant extra – after the course a couple of the partipants mailed the group saying how nice it had been to meet up and hoping to stay in touch. An incipient on-line network!