FreePint – a really good source of information

The arrival of the most recent FreePint Digest made me want to draw Mikronetter’s attention to this really useful information network. It is a fantastic source of information! And what’s more, it is free though you do have to register.FreePint  is a global network of people who find, use, manage and share work-related information.

I have cut and pasted the following:

“Joining FreePint is free…(it) connects information practitioners around the world with resources, events and answers to their tricky research and information questions at the FreePint Bar, our free online forum”.

To mention just a few of the goodies found at FreePint: The FreePint bar mentioned above is where you can post your research questions and receive help from people who are actively involved with the topic in question, or else can point you in the direction of someone who knows.

Other sections include ResourceShelf  and DocuTicker (found at the same site), a robust and growing collection of full-text, free reports published by government agencies, nonprofits, and other public interest organisations.

Both information sources are well worth checking out.

There is also a job database, Jinfo.

You can read the latest issue of the FreePint Newsletter online  (available in several formats) where you also have access to the full archive.

One of the items I always read first is “My favourite tipples” where one of the FreePint members list 5 of their favourite Internet sites with a brief description of why they are so relevant. The last issue gave a listing of useful to those who research UK businesses – all the sites listed are free to use.

It is not feasible to try and describe the wealth of information held on this portal – you’ll have to visit it – but be warned: the fascinating queries and equally fascinating replies are totally addictive reading and expensive in terms of time.