New readers – start here….A brief history of Mikronet

It all began when Abelone Glahn, Danish expert on networking, had the idea of organising a conference aimed at Micro-businesses / One-Man Bands / Free Agents, not only to bring these individuals together, but to help them create Networks. The micro-businesses represent a significant, but largely overlooked segment of Danish businesses.
Abelone invited her local network – people with very varied backgrounds, a wide age range with professions ranging from a hospital clown to film director, journalists, photographers, designers- to help make the idea a reality – from fundraising to planning the programme.
Potential participants were identified by personal networks; working closely together with local Counties, searching the Internet and various directories. This, combined with advertising in the local press and various appearances on TV and radio, resulted in almost 200 participants.
The conference was an overwhelming success, with very positive feed-back from all participants: How exciting it was to meet people who share the same problems, difficulties and triumphs. Not because of a shared trade or profession, but because of a shared mind-set. The energy and understanding/sharing of common problems released by creative people – from widely differing professions, but all with the mental focus on independence and a strong survival interest in making a success of their micro- business, was palpable.

I have taken this from a report I wrote for KnowledgeBoard last year – see
What turns a country into an innovation machine?
“Conference report:Mikronet, Denmark September 23-25th 2005”
Mikronet session September 2005 Denmark