Delaying tactics

I have to fly to the UK next week – a family bereavement and totally unexpected. As this is a school holiday week it was very difficult to get tickets – but that has nothing to do with this.

What became urgent was to sort out the various outstanding tasks and find someone to cover those that cannot be postponed. So, having a long list of things that must be done (including purchase of liquorice for the Danish family members living in the UK,orcoming from various parts of the world less fortunate in the matter of liquorice than us) – I procrastinated.

I did not get my list of ‘to do’ (sternly marked ‘Urgent’) cleared, because I invented other urgents. Cleaned the bath-room, remembered that Abelone Glahn had recommended a blog about living in Denmark  that was really funny, so  I naturally spent some time reading that. Picked up a bucket-full of walnuts, and then spent half the night doing the really important things… And am  now spending  a lovely sunny Sunday doing the rest.

I’ve blogged about this unfortunate lack of character before – is it common amongst us Mikronetters?