Security and safety aspects of WI-FI systems

Now and again  a message  warning of attempted ‘access violation’ pops on my screen, so I was interested to read a question relating to wi-fi security in the most recent issue of Update*.  Phil Bradly recommends an article on the subject  “How to secure a wireless LAN“.

I found the article really useful and written in terms that are understandable for the average non-IT specialist.

Meanwhile, the BBC has been running some interesting material on the health aspect of using WI-FI.  Does the radiation cause cancer and other ilnesses, or is it safe?

Both sides argue their point.  I suspect it will end like the mobile telephone and cancer issue – there is a health hazard, but the convenience of using both mobiles and wi-fi overides the threat until this is definitely proven to be actual.


*Update, 2007,6 (10):10