Do you recognize yourself ? … what kind of networker are you … ?

An interesting attempt has been made to categorize us – the networkers – into 4 groups:

The hawk :
The Hawk sets his objectives, establishes a strategic network and is activating it straightforward on the network highway. The objective is more important than the way you are getting there. The clever hawk likes to network, but only with those from whom he can benefit.

The butterfly:
The Butterfly enjoys the process and a good chemistry, and he finds his network on the Marguerit-route (the touristic, sight-seeing route). The butterfly chooses the beautiful road with the exciting experiences and surprises. To him, the journey is more important than the objective. The clever butterfly will network with everybody, with whom he shares chemistry and values.

The mole:
The mole likes the ethics, the mutual respect and that things are being done well. The strategy of the mole is not to network during the working hours, because he is blind to his own potentials. The clever mole will network with those he respects.

The lion:
The lion loves to network and has got a unifying force, so when the lion want to activate his network; he explains his intensions and motivates his network to reach the goal. The lion possesses the greatest inclusiveness compared to the others, and he is networking with everybody. Consequently, the lion has a much bigger network than the other types of networkers.

Do you recognize yourself? Do you recognize others? Can you imagine other types, and how would you define those?

Comments, feedback and sharing of your own experiences are welcome

– the text above has been copied with kind permission from the blog at of Bent O. Palmvang – a networking contact at

The networking types are described in a new book – “Løven og Marguerit-ruten” – by the two Danish authors Susan BINAU and Marina HJOERDIE, published june 2008, at


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