Practical outcome of Mikronet

Membership of Mikronet has led to a collaboration agreement between Ann Roldan of Mediteam  and me.

We met at the first Mikronet conference and discovered that our common background within biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medico businesses meant that our respective Microfirms had a lot in common.

Apart from a brief chat, things were left until we met again at the second Mikronet conference and decided that as our respective skills are complimentary- not competing – collaboration would be mutually beneficial.

It took a while longer to get things sorted out, but now we have a folder, identified potential customers – and lots of enthusiasm over our joint venture.

As Abelone’s blog of 9th October 2006 shows, ours is far from the only example of collaboration, so I thought it could be of interest to blog readers to describe progress (hopefully we will progress!), daily considerations, difficulties and delights of the partnership.

One the benefits of our combined experience and skills are that we are not limited to the medical/biotech fields – market analysis, analysis of venture markets or translations – these are skills that are applicable to many aspects of a broad range of businesses. We have both had experience of living abroad, and have widespread international networks which is a considerable asset in establishment of international partnerships.

We plan to focus on small to medium sized companies.