Progress : LF-Sprog is taking shape – homepages

I have already blogged about the importance of ‘first impressions’,  including the public face of the business – our homepages. 
The first impression a website or marketing material creates leaves a lasting impression that influences all future transactions.

What’s missing from many home pages is a clear and concise description of the company. If your customers can’t figure out what you’re trying to sell or do for them right away they might just give up and leave immediately.
My new site for LF-Sprog is taking shape. The site was designed and set up by Brian Larsen ‘Data-Larsen’ ( a member of Mikronet). He has been incredibly helpful over the whole process. I wanted an inexpensive, very simple setup, one which I could update myself without having to learn a lot of programming skills, or  having to spend time on having to relearn commands  every time I needed to edit something. It also had to be multilingual – Danish, English and German.
Ursula Berhle (another Mikronetter – we are a diverse and skilled lot!) is translating the contents into  German, that will be ready soon. Both the Danish and German pages need re-writing to a certain extent, but I think the content and lay-out is beginning to gel.  I’d really appreciate comments!