Social activities – book launch

A  break from quality issues – I was one of the case studies in Abelone Glahn’s new book (not reviewed on this blog as far as I can see!) 50+ og nystartet”  – which roughly translates as “50+ and making a fresh start”.

The book includes 12 case studies of people who, for various reasons, begin their own business after having reached the age of fifty.

The ‘case studies’ were invited to a reception to mark the launch and it was most interesting to meet the various people in person. We all seemed to hit it off really well despite doing totally different things, probably because we have all been through the same hard process of setting out on something new at a mature age.
The day was not only a super social occasion it was also a day for meeting new colleagues and extending one’s social network.
Thanks to Abelone and Borsen Publishing for a really enjoyable day in the midst of the general gloom and doom of this financial crisis!

Apart from the case studies, the book is full of sound advice and information, and worthy of a a bigger market than that available in Denmark.