Using the “W6-model” – Six steps from ´idea´ to ´product´

Using the " W6-Model " - A Business Plan ´Survival Kit´

Using the “W6-model” – Six steps from ´idea´ to ´product´

– … when browsing my ´Linkedin-news´ I came across the following request :


“I have launched a new business venture, can you help?”


– A useful suggestion, as a sort of ´business plan survival kit´ …

start with the simple parts first, i.e. the least complicated issues.  Because, this is a good way ´just to get started´ and also a fairly easy way to retreive the broad perspective.

– hereafter, do the more delicate work, ie. choosing, sorting, prioritizing

– for example, you may apply the “W6-model”

– i.e. for each service/product category to consider and describe :

–  WHAT ?  –  WHO ?  –  WHERE ?  –  HOW ?  –  HOW II ?  –  WHAT II ?

  • WHAT – What do I want to offer ?
  • WHO – Who do I want to offer my services/products for ?
  • WHERE – Where do I want to offer my services/products ?
  • HOW – How do I want to offer my services/products ?
  • HOW II – How will I make my costumers become interested in my service/products ?
  • WHAT II  – What do I want to acheive, for myself ?

– and, as a slightly refined expansion of this excercise – in case you want to increase and sharpen your focus, even more.

– then, in second round, for each of the questions above, you may add the word ´really´

– e.g. : What do I – really – want to offer ?

– applying this simple, but efficient, excercise, usually paves the way for the required level of perspective.

Thus making it possible to begin prioritizing and sorting from here, ending up with a more detailed framework for a business concept and a future-oriented plan of action.

Dann Sommer

Executive Coaching. Mental Training. Business Networking

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