I have just been reading the laudable notion being discussed by the EU Commission that – and I quote:

“Europe’s less-developed regions, rural and remote areas have so much to gain from the Information Society. Broadband is the backbone of the knowledge society, providing access to advanced public services and richer multimedia content for entertainment, training and work. With broadband connections, new forms of business innovation can transform the lives of individuals, increase social cohesion and contribute to economic growth. “ I know they are talking about Europe as a whole, but I do wish that we (I live 13 km from Nakskov) could have access to more than one broad-band supplier. As far as I know, we are limited to use TDC.

In all fairness, the service has improved greatly during the last few years – before we had frequent break downs in connection, necessitating long periods on the ‘phone waiting to get through to the help desk. I’ll never forget the memorable diagnosis I once received: “Your pc is too far from the electric power point. You will have to move it closer”.

Anyhow, the cause of my irritation is due to my TDC e-mail box. I should have 250 mb capacity in this box, yet I keep getting messages that my mail is being bounced as my box is too full – I have only used 19% of the permitted total, so fail to understand the  message…

 The helpful lady in the customer care centre told me to delete some of my old mails – as it “could be one particular mail that is causing the problem”. I have done so and can receive mails again – by why claim that I have a 250 MB capacity mail box when this is not true?

As I have been unhappy with the service for quite a while I have set up another mail box for my business mails – and that functions beautifully.

I have mailed TDC about my dissatisfaction and look forward to hearing the reason for the bounced mails.