Update on collaboration progress

As promised in an earlier blog here is an update on the collaboration between MediTeam Consulting and Helen Martin – micro-businesses which will be able to tackle bigger projects by collaborating. Things are moving on – slower than expected, but gathering momentum.
Our joint brochure is now available for download on-line, MediTeam’s home site is done, and mine has been updated, but still needs a lot of work.

I have been told that it needs some pictures to brighten things up; there is too much text at present. I agree with the criticism – I’ll have to add some pictures. This means that I shall have to learn how to do that, I found it difficult to edit the text. Still, learning a new skill is never a waste of time – even if I may end up paying my web master to do it!

Yesterday we had a meeting with Erhvervsråd Lolland-Falster (the equivalent of our local Trade and Commerce Advice Centre) to get professional help with press releases. It was an enjoyable meeting which will, we hope, result in good publicity, and hopefully, some new clients.

We have sent copies of our brochure to existing clients so they are updated on the added services we now can offer, and have begun to select potential new clients to whom we can send our brochure.

They cannot be sent by e-mail as Denmark has banned the sending of unsolicited commercial e-mail – the only way one can send this sort of information by mail is if the client has made a prior request to be kept informed. So we will be using the postal mail.
And of course, following up on each mailing, to find out if the information and services offered are relevant to their present or future needs.

So – now it is fingers crossed for faster progress!