Borsen Mikro -A very informative new blog

I have just logged onto Borsen Mikro’s blog and been very impressed: It is professional, the blogging style is fresh and readable, and the topics are really informative.

Borsen Mikro launched last Friday – it is a series of books, a web portal with blogs and tools specifically aimed at micro-businesses, independents and free-lancers. The blog includes some English-language entries – similar to Mikronet.

The bloggers are Abelone Glahn (who previously blogged for Mikronet), Nicolai Seest, Trine Kolding, Femi Oshagbemi, Michael Carøe Andersen. Ulla-Lisa Thordén is a guestblogger. They have been busy – there are already several entries!

Boersen Mikro defines Micros as independent businesses whose tasks often are often work project based and time-limited,  which generally have several clients, and which has less than 10 employees. It should be of interest to most of us in the Micronet network.

I shall definitely be a daily reader of this blog.