Crystal gazing update – compared with the predictions for 2007

 A bit of light hearted nonsense-


1. I have moved into the new office and it is great to have more space!

2. I have got 2 new customers, very minor projects, but nevertheless most welcome.

3. One of the things I focused on when writing my own forecasts (Dann Summer) was getting the STN agency for my firm rather than running it as a subcontractor – that has happened. Now I plan to get new avenues opened for this agency.

4. I have actually managed to keep paperwork and accounts tidy and updated – but then it’s early days yet!


Well, nothing much has caused the stars to make the annual horoscope come true this month.

No new friends, no additional charm, no extra patience, no big income, about the same amount of stress…

Still to happen:

1. So far I do not notice that my firm is exuding any additional charm – but maybe once the homepage is sorted out it’ll help to attract more clients?

2. Material gains – no, January and February have been expensive both in terms of time and outgoing expenses.

3. Less strain and stress – well having a tidy office means less irritation, but I don’t know that I have achieved overall serenity… maybe next month!

Conclusion: So far astrology is not doing too well at predicting the future for my firm. It’ll be interesting to see how the rest of the year shapes up. Self prediction (fixing your own future) does seem to work – thanks for the tip, Dann!.