Home office – some additional thoughts on function and comfort

My two previous blogs on this topic focused on electrics, lighting and colour, but to finish off the office, I needed to consider ergonomic principles – and my budget.

The experts tell us to consider age and specific physical needs into consideration. I’m what is euphemistically considered ‘mature’ and have a weak back, so I have spent money on a good chair.

It is a swivel model with plenty of adjustable features. The arms should be moveable – they are not, and I am seriously considering removing them, they get in the way. The chair has wheels and is placed on a floor-saving plastic mat for ease of movement.

My pc table has a pull-out  for the pc key-board, but my main desk is just our old dining-room table, not adjustable in any way. If the budget stretched far enough, a work table with adjustable height would have been ideal, so it would be possible to stand up at the pc. But I manage – compared to my old office, this is palatial! I have the pc desk and table arranged at right angles so I can easily reach either work station.

Storage should be placed so that lifting, stooping and stretching are minimized. I have shelving at convenient heights, and so far I do not have any heaps on the floor which is kept clear of obstacles.

So now it is just a matter of getting down to some work.