New home office – décor

Up to now I have had my home office in what was the old larder. It has a window and is lockable so it is possible to shut the door on the office when it’s time to quit work. But, it is very small, the floor is less than 3 square m in total, and despite masses of shelves, it is not big enough. The dining room table has gradually become part of the office. This means that the paperwork has to be gathered together every time we need to use the table – a waste of time and effort, plus a sure way to mislay something important.

We have a ‘box- room’ (piled high with boxes, tools, garden chairs and other useful stuff) at the back of the house. The room has a door to the garden so that clients do not need to walk through the house for meetings.

It is now cleared and ready to move in.
I decided that as actually making the room fit for use has been quite expensive, both in terms of time and money (new floor, insulation and a ceiling) I’d make an effort to get a result that helps both to give good working conditions and a professional image.

A trawl on the Net opened up a whole new world! All I wanted was to find some ideas that would help with organising the space optimally. I was totally ignorant of the need for motivational posters, inspirational prints, accent pieces…. Nor was I aware of the need for feng shui and Zen in my work space…

I know that colour influences us very strongly; there is lots of good advice on this topic at the marked link. I’ll stick with white, it suits me best.

Then there are ideas on how to” create a functional space that is also aesthetically pleasing.” A bit superficial. And  click on this for the more abstract aspects – American, but quite fun to read.

The Net really should come with a health warning – I have spent far too long, finding out about all these weird and wonderful essentials for a constructive working environment, but I think I have found some good hints. I do think I can do without the red, inspirational painting, wind-chimes and conversation pieces though!