e-mail as a discussion tool and how to manage all those mails

I have just come across Jeff Oxenford’s blog where he sets out nicely reasoned arguments why e-mail is not suitable as a discussion tool. He also lists some useful guidelines, well worth having a look at.

I then found Microsoft Records Management Team Blog  where they say that “e-mail is where a lot of an organisation’s important information lives.  A recent AIIM survey showed that over 70% of information workers spend a fifth of their time or more on e-mail related tasks. ” An interesting statistic – and not one that applies to myself as an information worker, I estimate that 80% of my work is done by pc – but certainly not exclusively on e-mails.

The follow-up  blog entry looks interesting, but as I do not have the 2007 version of Microsoft I have not read it all that thoroughly. I will do, I need to organise my folders…