Fact sheets revisited

My Fact sheets are now written. It was well worth getting a professional writer to do them! Next step will be to send them to selected potential customers…

Dann Sommer wrote some excellent comments in connection with an earlier Fact-sheets blog item.These were in in Danish and as they may be of use to others I have done a translation of the main points (with Dann’s permission).

Writing fact sheets is useful as a mental exercise, for conveying unique selling points and from a journalistic, creative viewpoint.

It is a good idea to note down as points:

1. What  benefits you give your customer – typically 3-7points

2. What they gain by selecting you as supplier – typically 3-5 points. For each of these points be precise e.g. how do they benefit?

3. It is a good idea to use adjectives which describe how value is added, words lioke quicker, better, improved, cheaper, reduced – what you casn do to ensure that your customer’s work becomes easier, quicker, better… it is importnat to fit your choice of words to the intended reader so that they are not   seen as being too extreme.

Dann recommended the EFU-model as a good tool to use for this mental exercise. I am not familiar with this, but found it at 100svar nicely translated into English. Here the EFU model becomes the PBO-model.

I quote:

You can use the PBO-Model to help focus on customer demand. The PBO-model helps you approach your service or product from three different angles:

-Properties -facts on the product /Informative labelling

-Benefits – which benefits does the product or service offer the customer?

– Output – what kind of personal utility value does the customer obatin from the purchase?